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Bravo, you have decided to reap the benefits of the ketogenic diet, and like a lot of us we would like you to find the right products.

However, cooking ketogenic meals can be complicated and a little bit of help would be greatly welcomed

Personally, I would love savory and crunchy crackers suitable for Max!

Products, such as keto tapas, keto chocolate cookies, keto cola drinks…

Our objective is to develop tasty ketogenic products which are ready to use with ingredients of irreproachable quality sourced from France, from controlled and approved territories

For these keto-diet adapted products, we would like to call attention to specialists for creating recipes et producing at a large scale

For this reason we are launching our first Okpal fundraiser! The ketogenic diet can become accessible to everyone!

And we must admit that this project is close to our hearts

To be financially supported will allow us to develop numerous products to facilitate the development and maintenance of ketogenic diets for our fragiles children, but also for all of us!

Let us know, what are the ketogenic products that you would like to find on supermarket shelves?


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Facilitate the

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diets ?

These are therapeutic diets high in fat and low in carbohydrates with a moderate consumption of animal and vegetable proteins. They have been used for nearly a hundred years to treat certain conditions, including epilepsy. These diets aim to significantly reduce carbohydrate intake in favor of fat to induce a state of ketosis.

Max's story

Maxent, born in 2001, is a carrier of Angelman Syndrome, a severe neurogenetic disorder.

Her syndrome and disability are at the root of my desire as a mother to provide her with the best possible quality of life.

Maxent has been followed in the neurology department at Boston Mass General Hospital, specializing in ketogenic diets since 2003.

KetoM +

” Faced with Max’s Handicap, as a mother, I want to offer him the best possible quality of life.

And I understood that I was not the only mother in this case. So that’s why I decided to launch Keto M +.

Simple and good products that make it easier to initiate and maintain ketogenic diets. “

KetoM + | KetoM Plus | Photo de Sybille

Our scientific team

KetoM + | KetoM Plus | Photo de aude

Aude Plantefeve

Strategic & Scientist Office / Associate

 Organic Chemistry Engineer.
R & D / Marketing Interface Engineer.
Technical sales engineer.

KetoM + | KetoM Plus | Photo de philippe

Philippe Gérard

INRAE/Institut Micalis Research Director

AMIPEM team leader. ( Food, Intestinal Microbiota, Encephalic and Metabolic Pathologies ).

KetoM + | KetoM Plus | Photo de celia

Célia Mores

PHD : Neurosciences Doctor

Lecturer, EDNH and associate member at Laboratoire Mémoire, Cerveau et Cognition. ( Paris Decartes ).

Products partners :

KetoM Plus - Régime Cétogène - Sybille Bellamy - Ressources - Contact
KetoM Plus - Régime Cétogène - Sybille Bellamy - Ressources - Contact

Strategics partners :

KetoM Plus - Régime Cétogène - Sybille Bellamy - Ressources - Contact

What about our products in all of this?

KetoM Plus - Nutrition

C-tonique & KetoM Plus

Ketom + is developing a new generation of products suitable for ketogenic metabolic diets.

Treatment regimens are sometimes difficult to initiate and follow over the long term. These products will facilitate the preparation of ketogenic meals.

Some neurological conditions like epilepsy do not have effective pharmaceutical treatments for everyone. Metabolic diets can answer this.

KetoM + provides the solution with a range of very high quality ketogenic food supplements developed by a pharmaceutical laboratory.

The development of our products as well as a patent filing are currently in progress.

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KetoM + | KetoM Plus

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