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Facilitate the access for therapeutic metabolic diets.

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C-tonique & KetoM +.

KetoM+ develops a new generation of ketogenic products adapted to therapeutic diets. 

Ketogenic diets can be challenging to manage for some populations (pediatric and adults) because of the high fat low carb ratio. Many neurological disorders like epilepsy have no real effective treatment. Metabolic diets have powerful therapeutic potential when well done. 

KetoM+ brings the solution with medically adapted products elaborated with a pharmaceutical approach. 

KetoM+ high quality ingredients and the respect to the palatability of the products make them unique.


Why use C-tonique ?

Keto diet

Facilitate initiation and maintenance of keto diets.

Made in

C-tonique is made in France.


C-tonique is elaborated by pharmaceuticals specialized.

Convenient to use

For a time and money gain, C-tonique id convenient to use.


C-tonique is 100% vegan diet friendly.

Max story
The origin of KetoM Plus

Max was born in 2001 with Angelman Syndrome, a severe neurogenetic disorder.

His syndrome and his handicap was the origin of the sybille wish to make him a great life with the best living conditions.

Maxent is followed by the neurological service in the Bost Mass General Hospital, specialized in keto diet since 2003.

KetoM Plus - Régime Cétogène - Sybille Bellamy - Ressources - Contact

Ulule campaign.

We will start the first production line with the Ulule campaign.

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Startup'euse Mancelle winner.

Ketom + win startup'euse Mancelle.

Partners :

KetoM Plus - Régime Cétogène - Sybille Bellamy - Ressources - Contact
KetoM Plus - Régime Cétogène - Sybille Bellamy - Ressources - Contact
KetoM Plus - Régime Cétogène - Sybille Bellamy - Ressources - Contact

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